Health Office

Welcome to the SEAS Health Office!


       Not Pictured:
Mrs. Eileen Perra, RN, LPN       Mrs. Chey Holm, LPN
Non-Public School Nurse 

The #1 Question:                   Am I well enough to go to school?
Click here for the answer:        Am I well enough

The #2 Question:                   Is my child's immunization up to date?
Click here for the checklist:      Are kids ready

H1N1/Seasonal Flu
H1N1 Information, MN Department of Health

Click here for Fun games and video for kids about germs and handwashing:  Scrub Club



Nurse Phone#:
651-437-3098 ext#207
Fax: 651-438-3377

SEAS Nurses:
Mrs. Chey Holm, LPN

Mrs. Eileen Perra, RN, LPN
Non-Public School Nurse


*Immunization Form

*Milk Intolerance
*Asthma Med Self
*Diabetes Treatment Auth.

*Physical Exam - Athletics

Action Plan